Professor of the Practice. Graduate Advisor and Sculpture Faculty 
School of the Museum of Fine Art@ Tufts Univerity  (1999- present)
1979          B.F.A.  University Of California Santa Cruz, Ca.
1987          M.F.A.  Yale University  New Haven, Ct.
2017-18     MASS MOCA  Topia Chairs for gathering, sitting, conversing and film                         viewing.  A Collaboration with Tanja Hollander
2016          COLBY COLLEGE MUSEUM OF ART commissioned site-specific installation
2012          DeCORDOVA MUSEUM donation of two TOPIARY CHAIRS 
2013          THE MUSEUM OF FINE ART, Boston purchased 5 TOPIARY Chairs          
2002          FRAC MUSEUM, Le Quimper  Brittany, France purchased 3 sculptures
2003          Galerie Le Filles Du Calvaire, Paris, France purchased installation
2016          COLBY COLLEGE MUSEUM OF ART commissioned site-specific installation
2010          UTOPIARY TERRACE  Decordova Museum  Boston, Ma.
2008          UTOPIARY  Carroll and Sons  Boston, Ma.
2005          SECOND HOME  Kayafas Gallery  Boston, Ma.
2004          RANCH 50  Kayafas Gallery  Boston, Ma.
2004          DO IT YOURSELF  Greene St. Gallery  Boston, Ma.
2002          Ranch '50  photo project for Nest Magazine.
2002          Le Quartier; Center For Contemporary Art  Quimper, France.
1998          Temple Gallery  Temple University  Philadelphia, Pa.
1998          Carpet Bottle Flock and Shine  Derek Eller Gallery  N.Y.C.
1998          Flood Bed Basin  The Hole  at Postmasters Gallery  N.Y.C.
1996          Lauren Wittels Gallery  N.Y.C.
1995          Lauren Wittels Gallery  N.Y.C. (with Steve DiBenedetto)
1995          McKinney Ave. Contemporary  Dallas, Tx.
1995          TRI Gallery  L.A. Ca.
1994          The Women's Windows  Barneys  N.Y.C. 
1989          Special Projects  P.S.1  Queens, NY.
1986          Pro-Arts Gallery  Oakland, Ca.
2018          SIT  a group show of functional/non funtional sculpture.
                 September Gallery, Hudson NY.
2017-18     MASS MOCA  Topia Viewing Chairs  A Collaboration with Tanja Hollander
2015          Clorox/Envy   Still House Gallery  curated by Miles Huston  Brooklyn, NY.
2014          Interview  YALE RADIO  The Art World Demystified,
2014          Dreaming Gardens  Suffolk University Gallery  Boston, Ma.
2013          FORMS IN FLUX  Museum od Fine Art, Nagoya, Japan.
2013          WIT  Painting Center NYC  curated by Joanne Freeman  N.Y.C.
2009          Twin Twin  curated by Matt Freedman  Big and Small Casual Gallery
                  LIC, NY.
2008          GLOBAL SUBURBIA  curated by Sue Spaid Abington Art Center 
                  Jenkintown, Pa.
2008          RANCH 50  Glenn Horowitz Bookseller  E.Hampton, NY.
2007          29 WEST  NY NY curated by Michael Steinberg  N.Y.C.
2007          THE BUILDING SHOW   Exit Art  N.Y.C.
2005          FORM FOLLOWS DYSFUNCTION  Mosaic Building Miami, Fla.  
2005          STRATEGIC DESIGN  G.A.S.P. Gallery  curated by Micah Malone 
                  Boston, Ma.
2005          PAINTING WITHOUT QUALITIES  curated by Catherine Perret  Villa
                  Tamaris, France.
2005          TABLEAUX E’CRAN  Les Filles Du Calvaire  curated by Catherine Perret 
                  Paris, France.
2005          TABLEAUX E’CRAN  Les Filles Du Calvaire  curated by Catherine Perret
                  Brussesls, Belguim.
2005          OUTPOST  Paine Gallery at Mass College of Art  curated by Jeffrey
                  Keough  Boston, Ma.
2003          Le Partie Continue  Credac Center For Contemporary Art  curated by
                  Claire Lerestif  Paris, France.
2003          Social Fabric  Lothringer 13  curated by Courtenay Smith  Munich,
2002          ORANGE SORBET AND CANDY FLOSS  Galerie Les Filles Du Calvaire  Paris,
2002          Knockout Fairground  Washington Square Galleries  N.Y.C.
2002          Artists To Artists  Ace Gallery  N.Y.C.
2002          Ulimited Space   Galerie Les Filles Du Calvaire  Brussels, Belguim.
2001          Paul Morris Gallery N.Y.C.
2001          INTERVAL  Sculpture Center  Queens, NY.
2001          Sarah Moody Gallery University of Alabama  Tuscaloosa, Al.
2000          Unlimited Space  Galerie Les Filles Du Calvaire  curated by Catherine
                  Perret  Paris, France.
2000          ARCH  Workspace Gallery NYC  curated by Scott Reynolds,  N.Y.C.
1999          POSTMARK: An Abstract Effect  SITE SANTA FE  curated by Bruce
                  Ferguson and Louis Grouchos  SantaFe, N.M.
1996          Puddle and Swag  Workspace  N.Y.C. 
1995          Maux Faux   Ronald Feldman Gallery  N.Y.C.
1995          N.Y.U. Faculty Exhibit  Apex Gallery  N.Y.C.
1995          X-Sightings  Anderson Gallery  Buffalo NY. 
1994          Faux   Ronald Feldman Gallery  N.Y.C.
1994          Rhythm Bouquet   558 Broome St.  curated by Corrine Robbins  N.Y.C.
1994          Barbara Gallucci, Lisa Hoke, Charles Spurrier, Daniel Weiner   Arena
                  Gallery  Brooklyn, NY.
1994          Barbara Gallucci, Katurah Hutcheson, Chris Olavsky  Trial Balloon Gallery
1993          The Large (Broken) Glass  Here Gallery  curated by Lauren Wittels  N.Y.C.
1993          4 Walls Benefit   David Zwirner Gallery  N.Y.C.
1993          Yale Collects Yale   Yale Art Museum  New Haven, Ct.
1993          Michael Coughlin, Barbara Gallucci   TRI Gallery  L.A.,  Ca.
1993          Paper  Pamela Auchincloss Gallery  curated by Paul Ha  N.Y.C.
1993          DUH  Stephanie Theodore Gallery  N.Y.C. 
1993          Wallgazer   Dooley Le Cappellaine Gallery  N.Y.C.
1993          Major Medical  Museum Without Walls  Newark, NJ.
1992          WFMU Benefit  Germans Van Eck Gallery  N.Y.C.
1991          Benefit Auction  White Columns  N.Y.C.
1990          Viral Infection; The Body and Its Discontents  Hallwalls Gallery,
                  Buffalo, NY.
1990          The New Eccentricity   Bess Cutler Gallery  curated by Frederike Taylor 
1989          Before Or After Form and Function  White Columns  curated by Bill Arning
1989          Eccentric Nature   Art Awareness  Lexington,  N.Y. curated by Amy Hauft
1989          Vulgar Realism   Hallwalls  curated by Catherine Howe  Buffalo, NY.
1987          ARTPARK  Lewiston, NY.
Sept. 2008           Views of the Burbs  Philadelphia Enquirer
Sept. 2008           Global Suburbia  Philadelphia Weekly  by Roberta Fallon
Mar. 2007            The Building Show  Moco Loco
Mar. 2007            The Building Show  Time Art NY
Mar.  2005           Boston Globe  Subversive Design  by Cate McQuaid
Dec. 2004           10X10  This is Not a Couch  by Micah Malone
June 2004           Art U.S.  Ranch '50  by Francilne Koslow-Miller
Feb. 2004            Boston Globe New Viewpoints on the 50's  by Cate McQuaid
Feb. 2004            Boston Pheonix  Terrible Beauty  by Christopher Mills
Jan. 2004            Boston Phoenix  Torque of the Town  by Randi Hopkins
Feb. 2004            Big Red & Shiney  Do It Yourself  by Micah Malone
Nov. 2003            Flux News  Art En Periphere Parisienne by Isabelle Lemaitre
Nov. 2003            Le Journal Des Arts  Balle Au Centre
Nov. 2003            Art Press  La Partie Continue  Marie De Brugerolle
Nov. 2003            Zurban  Faites vos jeux  by Berenice De Beauce
Nov. 2003            Telerama  La Partie Continue
Nov. 2003            Ivry Ma Ville  Histore et Creation  by Emmanuelle Picheli
Aug. 2003            Kunst und Zwirn Social Fabric 
Aug. 2003            Feulleton  Der Stoff Der Kunst  by Joachim Goetz
Aug. 2003            Munchen Merkur  Nackte Angste  by Freia Oliv 
Aug. 2003            Kultur  Social Fabric  by Roberta De Righi
Aug. 2003            Ausstellungen  Auf Dem Teppich Geblieben  by Anne Erfle
Aug. 2003            In Munchen  Social Fabric
Aug. 2003            Munchen Kultur Nette Ideen  by Hanne Weskott
Aug. 2003            Kultur Von Kleidsamen Telefonzellen  by Joachim Goetz
May  2002            N.Y. Times  Artist To Artist  by Roberta Smith                
Sept. 2000           N.Y. Times  Interval; New Art For A New Space  Roberta Smith
Feb. 2001             Art Press PEINTURE: TROIS REGARDS by Tristan Tremeau
Mar. 2000             ARCH  New York Times  by Ken Johnson
May 1999             Sculpture Magazine  American Sculpture Tour; Philadelphia  by
                            Marsha Moss and Robin Rice
Spring 1999          POSTMARK: An Abstract Effect; Site SantaFe  by K. Whitney
Mar. 1999             Pasatiempo  Material Witness  by Ruth Lopez
April 1999             The Journal  Art For The Hypersensitive  by Wesley Pulkka
May 1999             Geronimo  Art Outa Site  by Tom Collins
June 1999            The Magazine  POSTMARK: An Abstract Effect  by David Clemmer
Jan. 1999             Courier Obsrever  Gibson Gallery Opens Spring Season
Oct. 1998             N.Y. Times  Barbara Gallucci, Carpet Bottle Flock and Shine  by Ken
April 1998            Village Voice Usefool by Kim Levin
Oct.  1996            ARTFORUM  Barbara Gallucci  by Tom Moody
May 1996             Village Voice  Barbara Gallucci  by Kim Levin
May 1996             Paper Magazine  Barbara Gallucci at Lauren Wittels Gallery 
                            by Victoria Pedersen
July  1995            Los Angeles Reader  Tragic Carpet Ride; Barbara Gallucci's
                            Adventures In Minimalism   by David A. Greene
May  1995            Paper Magazine  Gallery Beat  by Victoria Pedersen
Mar. 1995             N.Y. Times  Maux Faux  by Pepe Karmel
Oct. 1994             Village Voice  Faux by Kim Levin
April 1994             N.Y. Times  For the New Galleries of the 90's...   by Roberta Smith
June 1993             L.A. Times  Oblique Send-Up   by Susan Kandel
Feb.1993              N.Y.  Times  by Vivien Raynor
Feb. 1991             Arts Magazine  Home   by Gretchen Faust
Feb. 1989             Buffalo News   Vulgar Realism   by Richard Huntington
Sept. 1987            N.Y. Times   ARTPARK   by Michael Brenson
Aug. 1987             Buffalo News  ARTPARK   by Richard Huntington
2013        FORMS IN FLUX  Musem od Fine Art  Nagoya, Japan
2013        WIT  Painting Center NYC  curated by Joanne Freeman
2010        UTOPIARY TERRACE Decordova Museum  Lincoln, Ma
2005        RANCH 50  (monograph of photography) essay by FayHirsch
2005        OUTPOST  for the exhibition at Paine Gallery  Boston, Ma.
2005        PAINTING WITHOUT QUALITIES  essay by Catherine Perret
2004        10X10; Space For Visual Culture  This is Not A Couch essay  by
                Micah Malone
2003        X-Treme INTERIORS  essay by Courtenay Smith and Annette Ferrara
2002        ARTISTS TO ARTISTS  receipients of the Space Program Grant from the 
2000        UNLIMITED SPACE  at Galerie Les Filles Du Calvaire essay by
                Catherine Perret
1999        POSTMARK:  An Abstract Effect  essays by Bruce Ferguson, David Moos
                and David Pagel              
1996        Barbara Gallucci;  Recent Work  essay by Faye Hirsch
1995        Diverse Group One Direction;  N.Y.U Faculty  at Apex Art Gallery  N.Y.C.
1993        Yale Collects Yale  exhibition at the Yale Art Center
2008        Faculty Research Grant; Boston Museum School
2007        Mac Dowell Colony
2005        Gottlieb Foundation  Artists Support Grant
2004        A.I.C.A. (Association of International Critics d’ Art) Award for solo
                exhibition at Green St Gallery  Boston, Ma.
2003        Faculty Research Grant; Boston Museum School
2002        Triangle Residency  Marsailles, France
2002        Pollack/Krasner Foundation
2002        Faculty Research Grant; Boston Museum School
2001        Faculty Enrichment Grant; Boston Museum School
2000        Yaddo Residency
1998        Pilchuck Glass School;  Artist In Residence
1997        MacDowell Colony
1995        Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation
1995        Joan Mitchell Foundation